Boss enemies are antagonists that are mutated zombies (or something else). Also referred as: Boss Zombies.


Tonoloid leading a bunch of zombies


Tonoloids are red, and appear somewhat skinless, with meat outside their bodies. They use long-range tongue attacks to quickly wipe out anyone with low health. They act as a good support unit, because of their high health and long-range attack principle. Tonoloids appear to be tough for newcomers to beat, since it appears at Day 7. It can be freezed by Freezer Gun, burn by Flamethrower and levitated by Bubble Gun. He gives 600 Coins on kill in Endless.

  Psychopath Zombie   

Big, dagger-wielding Psychopath zombie, or Psycho Zombie, is a giant zombie, obviously mutated. He wears a cloak and boots, with a hockey mask. He wields two daggers and has enormous amounts of health. He appears to be assault-type, since he is not too slow and he also can wipe out anyone without enough health or firepower. It cannot be freezed, burned or levitated/damaged from Bubble Gun. He gives 1200 Coins on kill in Endless. He resembles Jason from the movie Friday the 13th.


Monoloids are green, and appear somewhat skinless, with "green" meat outside their bodies, the design being much like Tonoloids, but, they don't have a long range attack but more powerful than Tonoloids. They evolve into bigger, faster, better and more powerful versions of Tonoloids. Their long range are replaced by claw attack with more damage. The Chainsaw can get rid of him without a scratch. Despite being powerful than Tonoloids, they can be freezed, burned and levitated. He gives 1800 Coins on kill in Endless.

 The Giant

This giant, faceless, axe-wielding zombie is the last boss of this game and has extremely high amount health. They holding axe that has unusual design but deals heavy damage to the player. Their face are empty but will reveal if they receive high amount of damage. It is recomended to use Laser Gun because of its knockback capability and long range. When the area is closed, (cannot scroll infinitely) be ready with abilities (e.g. Health Potion etc.) and/or mechs. It gives 3600 coins upon kill in Endless.

Note: I use only the literal name of this giant, correction is needed in the name.